Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, Good Grief!

Seriously??? Can LOML and I get any more redneck than we already are?

I know for sure I'm delegating the job of making sure all the windows and vents on the trailer are shut before take off to LOML. It's a simple task, really. You'd think I could get it right. More times than not, though, we get on the road and LOML has to pull over because a window or vent is open. I'm done.

I swear, SWEAR, SWEAR I closed all the vents tight before we headed to Clear Creek Thursday morning. LOML never pulled over.

We get to camp and get the trailer parked and leveled and I go into open up windows and vents so the breeze can cool it off a bit. {Yes, even though we were in the mountains it was still plenty warm}. It took me a minute to realize what was wrong but once I did, I was dumbfounded. This is what it looked like when I went to turn the crank and open the vent:

This is what I was supposed to find:

Needless to say, I was a little frustrated. At some point in the the trip, the whole vent had ripped off the roof of the trailer. Amazing. At least we were going to get a decent breeze out of that vent. However, the hole was big enough for sizable bugs to drop through and the thought of things with eyes and legs dropping on my face {or worse - in my mouth or nose} in the middle of night is just plain creepy.

We left it alone until it got close to time to bed. That's when I started getting nervous and asked LOML what we could do. Mistake. Big mistake. His response?

"Do you have any duct tape?"

Why I didn't lie and simply say, "No", I'll never know. Instead honesty took over and I replied, "Why, yes, sweetheart, I actually do! About nine rolls of nine different colors!" {Gotta be prepared in case the grandkids get bored!}

This is the way the next half hour played out:

LOML getting his trusty tool tray.He doesn't
have a tool 'box' that he carries around. This tray has been on every
trip we've ever taken in our 35 1/2 years of married life. One more
thing that is part of his signature!


Taking out what's left of the vent - aka the screen.

Brushing off the dirt so the duct tape will stick better

Trying to get the first piece off. Did I mention it was Dollar Store duct tape? Well I think we quickly discovered why. LOML couldn't find the end - or the beginning - or whatever.

Enter the little Wifey. Sacrificing, I had to put the camera down just to help figure out the duct tape.

LOML's pocket knife proves it is no match for the duct tape. I figured if we couldn't find the end that was intended for us to start the tape, we could create our own.

Scissors finally got something started.

Yeah, so LOML takes over once I got it started. Hmph.

The first strip

Second strip - in case you can't count. It was about this point where I realized he was going to cover the entire screen. How would we get a breeze coming through if the entire screen was taped over? Oh, to find out the answer to that, you have to keep reading!

I spared you having to see a picture as each strip was placed. It is now finished and being put back in it's place.

I did talk him into leaving one strip open for air to get in.

Come morning, I realized a reason why, out of all nine colors of duct tape, LOML must chose yellow. I woke up to a sunny, yellowish cast all over the trailer - artificial sunshine! Wow! Talk about Mary Sunshine! Or is it Merry Sunshine?? Not sure now. I just used to sing that to my kids on the mornings they woke up a little sluggish - aka grumpy.

And, to answer the previous quandary as to what we were going to do to get a breeze in the trailer during the day:

Just pull the duct tape down on two of the three sides! And . . . drum roll, please . . . we now have a fly trap in the trailer, too! Aren't we just the most clever country bumpkins you've ever had a chance to be acquainted with? Sorry to the descendants . . . the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Just to let you know how our evening of duct tape fun ended! Quietly, at least!


  1. I personally think its a innovative and well thought out solution.
    Does that make me a redneck?

  2. I think the two of you are. . . really funny. You enjoy life. How come you got off by yourselves this time? Lots of Love.

  3. Don't you worry Sharon...we only let them enjoy one day of peace and quiet before we crashed the party. Can't wait to see the rest of your posts Mom!