Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reality of Miracles

Max is officially in more friendly surroundings, aka HOME. Home with his Mom and Dad where he can get round the clock loving. One of the many miracles in his short, little life.

It goes without saying that I am oblivious to many, many miracles in my own life. In my head I know there are innumerable moments occuring on a daily basis as my Heavenly Father tries to get my attention and remind me He is aware of me and I am loved. I try to be more observant and recognize more of those elements in my day to day life. It's those times I find myself so envious of little children. Everything they see is amazing and worth pointing at and stopping and staring and studying. Their eyes haven't been clouded over with the cataracts of worldly cares and worries and fears and inhibitions.

When I do latch onto one of those messages from Heaven, I get so wrapped up in knowing that Heavenly Father not only allowed it to happen but allowed it to touch my life that I forget how fragile and fleeting those tiny miracles are. The butterfly coming out of its cocoon will never be a caterpillar again. Blossoms never return to that magical budding form and firy sunrises fade into blue skies and then regroup into vibrant sunsets - always moving forward, never going back. Because there are no re-runs to watch over and over again, picking up something new each time, I get selfish as I try and absorb as much of the miraculous moment as I can. Time in a bottle, I guess you could say.

Thanks to a good friend who let me be my selfish, natural-man self, I've gotten to not only see but wrap my arms around a tiny little miracle and feel the beating of the life within him that pushes him forward, progressively, towards who he will become.

I have no idea how many years and how many doctors, scientists, mechanics, electricians, engineers, manufacturers, etc, etc, it took to build all the machines and wires and connections and humming and whirring motors that have maintained this little guy for the past three months as he got used to a little body that wasn't quite ready for such an anxious little spirit. Amazing when you compare the room full of equipment man had to invent and build in an effort to replicate and function for the relative simplicity of a mother's womb, created by God.

Not every day is going to hold miracles of this stature and I know I'm lucky to have been privy to this one. I will never be the same for having been able to share in the fragile, perfect miracle of Max.

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