Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bikes

A rare parked moment.

Sometime, somehow bikes became a vital appendage at our campouts. This camp was no different. Everyone brought their own bikes and, for the most part, they were joined to them at the hip! There were no other campers around us which was weird but ended up very beneficial. The kids could go ride bikes up and down the road without the adults having to be too concerned. Besides the regular biking trips, this campout had a couple of fun bike stories.

The 1st story involved Brian, who hasn't been riding his bike very long. As I understand it, he wasn't comfortable riding his bike with training wheels because it would tip from side to side. Finally Joe just took the training wheels off and Brian learned how to ride his bike! He'd only been riding it for about a week when he brought it to camp. Thanks to trying to keep up with all the big kids, his skills improved considerably!! 

At the beginning of camp.

Something is definitely wrong here

The 2nd story involved Hunter. He was still riding his bike with training wheels. But he rode it very proficiently! And as Hunter does everything, he rode it very fast. He brought his bike to camp, too, and wanted to keep up with the big kids. He did pretty good but all the ruts and gravel in the road made it difficult to keep balanced and not get high centered. Eventually Scott asked him if he wanted to take off the training wheels. Hunter agreed and pretty well took off riding his bike. He fell a lot at first but there were so many people cheering for him that he'd just laugh and get up get going again.

On training wheels

Without the training wheels

Carter was great to keep up with the little kids and encourage
them when the road got a little bumpy or their little legs
got tired. I don't think there was ever a time where one of
the kids fell down and didn't get right back up on their bike!

The best part of these stories was how all the other kids rallied around Brian and Hunter. They cheered and clapped and encouraged them. It was amazing to me. They were such good examples that the little ones wanted to be like them and keep up with them at all costs!

The roads were absolutely endless as far as the kids were concerned. I wish I had a tiny little part of their energy! I lost track of the number of times they looped around the little trails at camp or went to the cattle guard and back, a trip which was a mile, round trip.

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