Monday, June 4, 2012

Treasure Hunts

No matter what was found - a paw print, a butterfly, a leaf that Uncle Joe could make whistle, a bullet casing or a leaf that had been chewed on - it was a treasure and it was amazing and unique and exciting. Oh, to see the world and life through the eyes of a child again! 

There were a couple of treasure maps that surfaced at camp, though. One map for the older kids and one map for the younger ones. Without knowing what was in store for them, they all excitedly took off to try and follow the directions. {Probably not the best idea to have someone who is directionally challenged draw a map - treasure or otherwise} There was some difficulty and confusion at times but the end results were well worth the effort. At least that's what the Treasure Seekers said!

There were eight colored triangles hidden on trees or bushes or fire pits or "No Trespassing" signs along the maps trails. There was a picture for each Seeker attached to the triangles that could be traded in for the real thing once everyone had found one.

Treasure Hunters in Training in the practice fields

The Younger Seekers' map

The Younger Seekers: Brian, Garrett, Hunter, Aspen

{Reagan was napping}

Trying to figure out which direction to go next

Getting some help from Amber.

One triangle found

Hunter maneuvering to a position with a enough

height to reach another triangle.

The Older Seekers' Map

The Older Seekers - Colton, Mariah, Jodi, Carter

Searching. Trying not to stand in one place too long so the

ants didn't carry them away.

One triangle found

Figuring out how to reach another triangle.

Getting closer to finding all the triangles.

Trading in their picture tokens for The Real Deal - the bag first.

The bag had a Scavenger List in it to keep those busy eyes searching.

Colton modeling the bags. Everyone's bag had their initials on it.

Trading up for all the rest of their Loot.

Mariah with her bag of Loot cooling off a bit.

Carter trying out the binoculars

Garrett ready to go find some bugs.

Carter and Jodi organizing.

Hunter organizing his bag

Aspen found her own treasures, too. Just

like Grampa!

Grampa and his own treasures.

Like I said, there are lots of treasures and all only in the eyes of the beholder! Grampa's idea of a treasure would have been to catch some fish. But that's another story for another post.

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