Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bikes & Hikes

Once again, we were pretty much the lone campers in the area. It's kind of nice that way because the kids can have a lot more freedom and it's a lot more peaceful and quiet overall. Bikes and hikes are two of the kids' favorite activities. At Clear Creek this year, the water sort of won out, though. It was hot enough and the water was a good place to be to cool off.

There's not a flat expanse of road around Clear Creek. You either have to ride/walk uphill and then come downhill back to camp or walk/ride downhill and then try and make it back to camp uphill. My philosophy was {and still is}, to uphill first because then, no matter how far you walk or ride and how tired you get, going back to camp is easier because it's downhill. It only took one hike/ride where I let Colton and Carter choose which way to go first {downhill} and then they understood {and agreed with} my philosophy.

However, tradition at Clear Creek is to load up the bikes and the bikers in the truck and go uphill quite a ways. Then they get out and ride all the way to the bridge {about 2 1/2 - 3 miles}. Someone follows in the truck and picks them up and takes them back to camp.

On your mark, get set . . .

. . . GO!

Grampa trailed most of the time. I'm sure it was

just because he didn't want to show up Colton

and Carter.

Garrett got the easy ride!

We didn't do any death marches this year. We did, however, talk about seeing what shape everyone was in next year and maybe trying to go on more of a major hike then. We'll have to see. Lots of piles of rocks in Clear Creek. If you look high enough, it's easy to see lots of openings that might be little caves. Imaginations can really get carried away. I'm probably one of the worst. I love being out in nature and trying to think what the area would have looked like when the pioneers first caught sight of it or what it was like when just the Indians roamed around. If only the trees and rocks could talk! Anyway we went on a short hike on Sunday just to see what was up the side of the mountain.

Colton and Carter and I had hiked down the road earlier {the time they chose to go downhill first} and we'd come across one of the empty campsites where someone had left a pair of socks. From that point on, that particular site was known as "Stinky Sock Camp". Not that we picked up the socks and smelled them, mind you!! Carter most certainly didn't want anyone thinking we'd done that! We just 'assumed' that they were stinky because no one would leave a pair of clean socks. Makes sense to me. It was while we were in Stinky Sock Camp that the boys saw the pile of rocks they wanted to hike to on another day - maybe earlier in the day when it was a tad bit cooler. Ha, ha!

So here we are, going up the mountain. Of course, I only have butt shots because I'm always at that position in the line. Oh, well.

Garrett getting some help from Adam

We reached the destination a lot quicker than we thought

we would. We must becoming more and more seasoned

hikers! I never did make it to the rest area - they were headed

down before I maneuvered it all the way up.

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