Sunday, July 1, 2012

Born in 56, Turned 56

Reading my new book to the boys - not that they want to

grow up to be Mommys but they still listened.

It started out as a coincidence but after a time or two I guess we had a tradition and Carter got the idea that we NEED to camp sometime in July every year - for both of our birthdays. It certainly is something to look forward to! This year, as it did last year, my birthday fell on one of the days we were at camp.

My birthday dinner was Dutch oven chicken, baked potatoes and peach cobbler on Saturday when Nathan and Krisy were at camp, too. Sunday I got sung to and got to open my cards and presents.

The card from LOML - referencing how getting

older causes me to 'wonder' more - as in


On the way home, Hunter called me and sang to me, too. I could hear Aspen in the background laughing at him - not because she was being mean but because she was enjoying listening to him.

They all had to show me where they had signed the card


Here's to another great year!

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  1. I love the picture of you reading to the three boys. I see Carter was really, really excited. He really knows how to roll his eyes with excitement.