Sunday, July 1, 2012

Camping at Clear Creek

Have I mentioned lately that I love camping at Clear Creek? Here's just some random pictures from our camp out.

6/28 - LOML getting all the gear unloaded and camp set up.

I discovered a cool panoramic feature on my camera so I tried to get some shots of our campsite to try and show the parts of the area that make it so beautiful.

The creek itself was quite low this year. Amazing when you think we couldn't camp here last year because the creek was too full and parts of the campground had gotten washed out from the extremely wet winter we had and now this year there's hardly any water in it at all.

The road coming into camp. Our trailer is off to the left in the trees.

Another shot of the creek area.

There were lots of birds and butterflies. I saw a mouse or squirrel or some rodent a time or two. There was a black snake seen a couple of times or else a couple of snakes seen sporadically. They were just little ones - thank goodness. There were a lot of antelope {not in camp but in the fields around} and, of course, the baby skunk.

Tyler taking a rest.

Between their bikes and the water, the boys were constantly in motion.

Carter and Tyler


Carter and Colton

Carter and Colton cooling off in the creek

Layne and Garrett - they were quite the imaginative explorers

Nellie and her boys

Paisley even enjoyed the water for a bit.

Proof that even I succumbed to the temptation

to cool off in the creek!

With all the fire restrictions in force, we assumed we wouldn't be able to have an open fire. Adam came prepared with a propane campfire that we could use to roast s'mores and sit around in the evenings. However, two different park rangers came to our camp and confirmed that we could have a fire in the pit, as long as we were careful. "Probably the only place in Utah," they said. So, with a little persuasion, Adam accommodated our need for a REAL fire and built a good one for us for Saturday night. There's something about a real wood-fueled fire! Thanks for pacifying us, Adam! 

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