Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fishin' Without a License

The low, slow level of the creek had an advantage besides being fun to splash around in. It wasn't long after we got in the water the first day before we spotted some fast swimming things in the water. We sensed them more than we actually saw them, they moved so fast. I was hoping they were tadpoles because I just thought they would be more fun. Turned out they were little baby fish. No pole, hook, bait or worm required. Just a Red Solo Cup and quick reflexes. We didn't even get a ticket when the park ranger came into camp and I confessed to him we were catching fish without a license but we also weren't able to have a fish fry, either!

Colton trying his luck at fishing

Carter and Tyler inspecting their fish.


 An assortment of the fish that were caught. Carter was excited to have eight fish at the same time.

Garrett and Layne looking for fish of their own. They found warm little pools of water where they were content to splash around and play in to their heart's content. It was hard for them to grasp the concept that once they stepped into the water and started splashing around, their chances of finding little fish weren't very good.

Garrett finally caught his first fish on Sunday. He was pretty excited. So excited to have a fish of his own, in fact, that he kept it a little too long and the fish didn't survive the excitement.

Grampa should be proud of his five little fishermen. They certainly out-fished him this time!

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