Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hobble Crick

That's right - crick. Hobble Crick - not creak, as in a floor board noise. I had to give the easterners a lesson on pronunciation!

As it turned out this year, work gave us the 23rd and 24th of July off for vacation. That meant I had Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. That's a lot of days in a row not to have to go to work!

So I got the idea in my head a week or two before that maybe I should impose on Betty and Allen and their little piece of heaven in Kelly's Grove. So, yup, I invited myself and my trailer and they being put in an awkward position by my forwardness, couldn't do anything but agree.

LOML and I were headed to St. George the week before and since he doesn't trust me {nor do I trust myself} to pull the trailer, he decided we should leave it at Betty's cabin on our way down to St. George. It not only got the trailer down there for me, but it made it so we didn't have to drive the whole way to St. George in one day.

Friday the 20th, after another awesomely amazing visit to my dentist slash oral surgeon, I headed down to Springville. Soon thereafter, Betty and I were heading up the canyon to join Glenn who was already at the cabin.

Parking the trailer at night has its disadvantages. Location being one of the disadvantages. {Like Fish Lake many, many years ago where we ended up on all alone on a high spot where you could see our trailer from wherever you were}. Not being able to assess how the sun will hit being another one. However, I don't think we ever get it perfectly right, even in the light of day. Needless to say, the first afternoon it became apparently clear I was going to have the afternoon sun full bore if I didn't do something. Quick.

Can I just say, Glenn is every bit as good of a Redneck and LOML! He had my awning up in no time! Of course, I helped a little bit. I told him LOML usually tied some kind of scout knot to hook the tarp to the trailer. Glenn didn't skip a beat as he tied some famous K-nots {the 'K' is not silent in his version - therefore, you CA-not get them undone}. He was right, too. LOML had to ask him to come and untie them when we were breaking camp. I thought that was pretty funny.

Glenn tying his K-nots.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

So, Glenn can't sit still. He's constantly doing something to maintain his little piece of heaven. To prevent the creek from eroding the bank away, he tries to keep jams from damming it up {or is it dams from jamming it up? Or is it damn jams that are damming it up?}. I think sometimes he gets confused and thinks he's He-Man or the Hulk or somebody like that.

Not bad for an old man, huh? I personally think it's the IFA hat that gives him his super powers. I'm sure at least one other person would agree with me.

Betty and Basha watching Glenn clean out the creek

LOML wanted to go for a ride {big surprise} and Glenn had a great time showing us all the spots he remembered coming to when he was growing up. Not very many people can go back to the memories of their childhood and have them still be there. Usually they've turned into a parking lot or a subdivision or a Wal-Mart.

This is the rock Glenn would sit on while he was fishing in his

younger days.

Stage one of pushing Betty over the edge {not

the edge of the bridge but the edge of life as

she knows it}

Stage two of pushing Betty over the edge {not

the edge of the bridge but the edge of life as

she knows it}

Betty not only going over the edge but going back

to the truck.

Fortunately Betty was not close by at this point, either.

We hiked for a bit. Obviously Glenn took great pride in getting higher on the trail than the rest of us!

Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits!

Thanks for the hospitality and a fun four days. Hopefully my trailer didn't kill your grass too bad!

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