Monday, July 9, 2012

Upstream Gal

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So while I was playing in the water at Clear Creek, I made a disturbing discovery. Maybe not really a discovery because that word leaves you with the idea that what you discovered has never been discovered before. Much as I hate to admit it, I think this discovery was more of a validation of something I've long thought to be true - perhaps even feared it was true.

While the boys were 'fishing', I was just wading around; walking upstream a ways and then turning around and making my way back down. I think it was about my second trip when I realized it was much easier for me to wade upstream. I stumbled more and felt a lot less secure when heading back down to the creek by our campsite.

Wow. Let me think on that one. What a concept. I am more comfortable going upstream than going with the flow? Me? There's my life in a nutshell {or a creek bed}.

I can't {or don't} do anything the easy way. Even getting a fountain drink is complicated - 3/4 full of ice, diet Pepsi {or Max} to the top of the ice and then top it off with Dr. Pepper. LOML cringes when he has to get me a drink - or food from taco time. Gotta be a substitution or an addition or a total omission.

I'm left with a dilly of a lemma deciding whether I should learn to be more comfortable "going with the flow" or if I want to continue taking the, hmmm, how shall I put it, well I guess the rockier uphill treacherous stupid no, the more challenging way. There. That makes it sound like I'm learning more going the way it is that I choose to go. I'm not, though. If I was learning more, I'd have quit fighting my way upstream a long time ago!

But, alas, after several days of mulling this all over in my little mind, discussing it with my Sis and analyzing all the repercussions and complications, I'm afraid I will continue to make things difficult; take the scenic route; stumble upstream; use recipes for my pop and ask them to please leave that nasty green stuff off my burrito.

It makes me me and after this many years, I'm kinda getting used to being me.

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