Saturday, August 4, 2012

Out With the Old - In With the New

I'm really not as fickle as I may seem. But, when a chance to develop a relationship with a new set of wheels comes my way, I don't hesitate to jump ship {or truck or car}. 

My recent relationship with Tank has been awesome - all 238,000 miles of him. 

Before that I had a relationship with the Jimmy. We had some fun times. The most memorable of which was at the Crossroads! But we recovered and were happy to have shared such a side-smashing event together!

All good things must come to an end, though, and ever since Jimmy's transmission started making noises, neither myself or LOML dared drive it out of town. Actually, I think LOML's exact advise to me was, "You probably don't want to drive it any farther than you want to walk back." I'm a quick learner. That was my cue to walk away - no matter how many harrowing experiences we had shared.

LOML started looking for vehicles and we finally found one that we liked - thanks to Nate. It was a vehicle he has worked on and so he knew more of the history than we would have normally known about a for-sale-by-owner vehicle. As it worked out {typical} we were a little slow on the draw and the owner had actually traded the vehicle into a local car dealership. Anyway, we ended up deciding it was a good deal and the time had come to bid farewell to Jimmy. It was a sad day - overshadowed, however, with the excitement of getting to know a new {well, new to us} vehicle.

LOML bidding farewell to Jimmy

Getting into Jimmy for the last time. I don't do so good

with self-portrait picture taking.

Oh, yeah, didn't take that long to get the frown off my face!

Taking off in my new set of wheels. I see a long and enjoyable

relationship in our future!

Meet the newest member of our family - Dora the Explorer. I think I just heard all my kids throw up in their mouths but I think it's a pretty clever name.

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