Friday, October 26, 2012

A Day of Preserving - Many Things

Preserved carrots and apples and family memories. Good memories, I hope :-}

The work actually started when Grampa planted his carrot seeds last spring. Then the watering and weeding. He picked some buckets of apples a couple of weeks ago. He dug some of the carrots today {Yeah, well, that's a story for another day}. I got off work at 1pm and that's when our work day actually began. Amber and Scott {with Aspen and Hunter} were here when I got home. Nellie and Krisy and all their boys {and Paisley} got here after the kids got off the bus. Let the fun begin!!!

The beginning of the mess

You'd think Amber starves her kids. They knew how to run the apple peeler/slicer machine {from helping her} and so they volunteered to help. Hunter would get the apple started peeling, stop and put the end of the peeling in his mouth, and eat the peeling as he peeled the apple. The most interesting part of it all was the noises he was making as he was eating. I don't even know how to spell them. Suffice it to say, he sounded like a starving orphan who was eating a meal fit for a king! There were grunts and groans and 'umms' and 'awwws' interpersed with "I love apples. I love the skins. Here Aspen. Here's some skins for you!"  Holy apple peelings!

Hunter and Aspen taking care of the apples - everything but the core, that is!

Our own version of Lady and the Tramp!

Layne likes apple skins, too! If I had only know treats could be so cheap!

And Paisley about pulled herself out of the walker backwards trying to get to the apples!

Poor little lost Aspen. She only wanted to help someone, somewhere. She carried her stool around just hoping to find a spot big enough for her to set it down and help someone make more of this awesome mess!

Nellie, Carter and Colton getting their hands in the process.

Hard work means big appetites! So then it was time for a picnic supper for all. And Spooky Buddies movie.

Garrett, Hunter, Layne, Carter, Tyler, Colton and Aspen in the front

Krisy the carrot peeler, slicer, stuffer - you name it. If you look closely, you can see her orange stained hands. But look at that smile!! 

This doesn't give credit to Amber and all her work. Sorry there was no picture of her peelingand slicing apples, making the pie filling sauce, stirring the apples in the juicer and smushing the cooked apples into sauce. someone a little distracted from the work at hand???? Actually it was Nellie that  instigated this little break but we all sucked into it for a minute or two {or longer for some}.

Ground Zero. Or at least one of the Ground Zero holes. I've always said, when the world ends, I want to be at Ground Zero. I may have changed my mind. Especially if I'm left alive to clean up the aftermath!

The beginning of the end. Sort of.

Nellie, the suds monster. Me the hard worker in the background

The boys are getting tired. Garrett's giving hugs for free.

The look of innocence???? You decide. 

Scott was a trooper. He did Amber's grocery shopping, shopped for tubing for the juicer, washed carrots, peeled Grampa's 'deformed, retarded' carrots and helped in anyway we asked.

Krisy had her orange hands full with a Paisley who didn't see the need for a nap. She only wanted to be in the middle of it all! Uncle This-is-so-Awesome finished up his day with us.

What? No picture of LOML? Hmmm. Well, we've been planning this day for a couple of weeks because I knew LOML had the day off. He even committed to having the carrots picked, washed and ready to go by the time we started our marathon. Then, last night, he informs me he's going fishing all morning. Needless to say, I was a little hurt. Once he got home from fishing, ate a leisurely lunch and after he finally got the carrots picked and washed, he pretty well sequestered himself upstairs most of the afternoon/evening watching the apple pie filling most of the night. I don't know exactly why.....????

Well, it was 2:30am when the last batch came out of the pans. The final count for the night? 58 pints of carrots, 35 pints of applesauce and 21 quarts of apple pie filling. 

It was a killer of a day but it is still fulfilling at the end of the day {or the middle of the morning} to see all the sealed bottles and know we did this! And I'll do it again next year. Oh, wait, there's still carrots and apples left for this year!

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