Friday, October 19, 2012

A Figment of Imaginations

So, I'm not the Grandma anyone comes to when they want the facts. That's for other Grandmas and Moms and Dads. I love imagining what things would have been years and years ago, what the first people who discovered it thought when they saw it or who built it and why and what feelings they had about the place. Our camping trip with Nellie and Adam out west was no different for me. The fact that we were surrounded by a multitude of old abandoned mines fed my fire, too!

Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the world. All around us were piles of fossilized dinosaur poop. Seriously. It's possible. Just imagine....

Sure we were in the desert and there was only one little patch of green around an even smaller spring of water. We were no where near swamp land but this sure looks like a baby crocodile to me. Just because it's not green - it had sharp teeth and it certainly is a distant relative to the crocs and gators. So, it's possible...

At one of the abandoned mines, Carter found an old-fashioned trampoline. It was pretty cool, I didn't get near as scared when Carter and I were jumping and it isn't as dangerous as the ones kids jump on nowadays.

Once upon a time, there was a blue snake who was tired of being blue. Once day he crawled out from under his rock and decided he would do something about it and so he shed his blue skin and became a ... well, we don't really know what color he became because he's gone. Maybe he became a camoflauge snake and he was really right there watching us look at his ugly old blue skin. It's possible...

There were lots of old abandoned mines that we went exploring to. As far as I understood, no one really knew what they actually were mining. I was having fun imagining the dad/husband leaving the family and going to the mine - maybe days or weeks at a time. This particular mine setup was a little more extravagant than the others {most of which were just holes in the side of the mountain or straight down into the ground}. There was obviously at least one woman around this mining operation because there was a three-seater outhouse. They probably fixed meals for the miners in one part of this building as there was the remains of a rusty old cook stove out back. It's possible...

The three-seater outhouse - maximum luxury!

A lot of rocks {I mean treasures} were collected brought back to camp where they were split into pieces. If the rocks glistened in te least little bit, our own personal 'miners' were sure they had discovered crystals or diamonds - at one point I heard rubies mentioned. I wasn't the only one using my imagination but you couldn't convince these boys {especially Carter} anymore than you can convince me those big chunks aren't piles of dinosaur poop!

Checking for precious minerals inside their treasures

Carter examining one of his rocks. He told me that when he

grows up he's going to study rocks or be in Search & Rescue.

So, I guess you could say this whole post has been a figment of your imagination...or mine...or someone's. It's possible, though...Humor me and admit it!

Last but not least, once upon a time, I fell in love with this handsome guy and his dwarf hat.

Imagine that!!!

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