Saturday, October 20, 2012

Devil's Playground

I can't say too much about this. Rocks are to me as water was to my mother. It initiates an "Oh, shit! I can't take this so I'm going back to the truck!" moment {an excerpt from an experience we had with my mom on a trip to Arizona years and years ago}.  However, it's easier to explain to the boys because of an activity a year or so ago.

One weekend when I had Tyler, Layne, Carter, Colton, and Garrett, they caught me on a weak moment and convinced me to take them and their bikes to the skate park. The skate park is a collection of cement dips and hills and plateaus for skate boarders. Those boys were fearless. When we came home, I told them I lost ten years off my life. When they asked for an explanation as to what that meant, I said, "When we went to the park, I was 55. While we were there, I was scared so bad that someone would crack their head open or break an arm or leg {or two or three or four}, by the time we got home, I was 65!" They just giggled.

So when everyone started climbing all over the rocks at Devil's Playground, they kept yelling at me to "come see". I just told them I was losing another ten years off my life. They just giggled. Again. Here's just some random pictures of everyone having a rock solid good time at Devil's Playground.

Just for the record, I have to admit it was cool seeing how the wind and weather had chiseled out crevices and holes in the rocks over millions of years.

Layne, Garrett and Grampa



Grampa playing King of the Hill

Tyler and Carter were at the top in no time.


Tyler and Carter

A closer look at Tyler and Carter


I think this is Grampa with all the boys

Tyler and Carter in the Dinosaur Egg

Yup. Tyler and Carter

Paisley getting in on the rock climbing {and eating}

Paisley loving it all, with Grampa

Layne and Garrett

Colton up high

Good thing we had our own personal Search and Rescue Commander! Sometimes it's easier to find a way up than finding a way down.



Once I talked myself into going into the rock conglomeration, this was the first thing I saw. Tell me, does this not look like an honest to goodness Nativity Scene?

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