Friday, October 26, 2012

I Never Realized the Return on This Investment!

Fisher Price deserves kudos. At least for the toys they created over 25 years ago. If you look on Ebay or Amazon, they're listed as "Vintage" or "Collectibles". I call them lifesavers. I always felt kids should have books, puzzles, paper and crayons and blocks, bricks or whatever to build and create with. The toys I truly regret buying are the ones that stifled the kids' creativity. Truth be known, they didn't really like them or play with those toys that much either.

Grandma Christensen had her little cardboard box of odd and end toys and blocks that the kids always played with. This grandma has a plastic tub full of Joe's old Construx sets. I am constantly amazed at the hours of entertainment they provide as well as the imagination that my grandkids have when they start creating stuff. I'm sure I broke the bank at Christmas or birthdays when I bought these sets for Joe. I'm sure there was more than once that I considered getting rid of them {perhaps when packing up to move}. I'm sure glad I've kept them around!! For all of our sanity's sake!


I need to look through all the millions of pictures on my computer and find other pictures of their creations to add to this post.

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