Saturday, October 20, 2012

Uncle "This is So Awesome!"

All the MEN went exploring for a bit Saturday afternoon. Part of them returned in good time. Nathan, Tyler, Carter and Colton, however, didn't return with them. After awhile, and several unresponsive beeps on the 2-way radios, Adam and Grampa went back out on the four wheelers to find them. {A little funny that we sent a party out to find the Search & Rescue Commander}.

Meanwhile, back at camp, time was crawling by with no word from anyone. We called the two boys that were left with the WOMEN together and we had a prayer that everyone would return safely. I walked down the road aways - who knows why - and when I came back, Nellie was talking to S_____ A__ Nathan on the radio. Of course they were fine. They'd just decided to go find another abandoned mine and look around. Grampa and Adam had passed them, but instead of coming back and letting us know that, they went on to look for more antlered deer.

Evidently the road to the mine Uncle Scary took the boys to was pretty harrowing. Nathan's only explanation to us {while trying to suppress an ear-to-ear grin} was, "I just went from Uncle Scary to Uncle This Is So Awesome!" Yeah. The boys were impressed!


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