Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Can We Take a Bag Home With Us?"

It ended  up being a spontaneous weekend of family fun. Joe called a little earlier in the week, thinking he could get away and I jumped on the opportunity to have family time. The weather was awesome, too, so that made it even more enjoyable. Since Joe and Mandy have a yard that is still in the beginning stages, the leaves were a playground that captivated the majority of the kids for the better part of the afternoon/evening.

 Grampa had started cleaning up the leaves in the front yard. Fortunately he left the ones in the backyard. It didn't take long for the kids to start attacking them. They worked hard to make a big pile just to be able to scatter it a few minutes later.

Carter was at his dad's but other than him all the grandkids were in the leaves at one point or another. Of course, being the cool Grandma that I am, I had to teach Aspen and Reagan how to throw the leaves at each other. Once taught, however, they took to it with great enthusiasm.

Come Sunday morning, Brian asked if we could please let the leaves stay out there so they could play in them the next time they came. I explained that it probably wouldn't work that way - Grampa would want them cleaned up before it snowed. I jokingly offered to let him take a garbage bag full of them home. That was a mistake. Everyone's ears perked up as their eyes got wide and they grinned big and all of them were eager to accept my offer. Parents, however, kaboshed the idea.

Tyler obviously got a leaf or two in an uncomfortable spot as I couldn't get him to smile for nothing.

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