Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Tradition

It's been kinda fun the last couple of years on Christmas Eve. Not only have LOML and I kept up the tradition we started when the kids were younger but Nathan has texted "Is anyone else having breakfast?" to all of us. It's a good feeling to realize there are things that can connect people together even if they're far away from each other.

Can't say for sure when this tradition started either. I was probably stressed one Christmas Eve. It probably came upon suppertime and I hadn't thought about what to fix.The kids were probably ramped up and being all selfish and fighting like happens around Christmas. I probably was ready to take drastic measures to try and pull them back to why we were actually celebrating Christmas. Whatever it was, that particular Christmas Eve we ended up having a full course breakfast spread for supper. By candlelight - every other light in the house was off except for our two candles on the table.

We talked about what Mary and Joseph had {and didn't have} on that night when Jesus was born.

The kids probably still went to bed hoping Santa would bring them all the things they wanted but the next year they remembered what we'd done and they wanted to do it again. And now, this many years later, it still connects us to whatever extent our individual circumstances allow.

This year I even found the original candles. It seems like every Christmas Eve I can never find these particular candles or even a set of red ones or even the ones we used the year before, which is rather odd, I think. I found these a month or so earlier and kept my eye on them, making mental notes every time I saw them so I'd remember come Christmas Eve. And, look at me!!! I did remember!!

So, you see, even for two old people, our quiet Christmas Eve was just right for us!

And now, these two old people have started a new tradition - wrapping the presents {pointless when you realize they're all going to get ripped open in less than 12 hours}! And watching cool Christmas movies! LOML would beg to differ as to the actual 'coolness' of the Christmas movies I put in. This year I acquired a new movie - The Little Drummer Boy. My favorite Christmas Carol and favorite little cartoon Christmas show. So, we watched that and wrapped presents. Krisy had loaned me Men in Black 3 and I rewarded LOML with that one for making it through The Little Drummer Boy. I have to admit, I got a lot more wrapping out of him during The Little Drummer Boy! And I was so busy I didn't capture the moment for LOML to prove he really does join me in this tradition.

Since I try to always give them all at least one book, I've been trying to be more conscientious and make sure to write in  them. Maybe they'll remember me.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Well, it's official. Bear River Mental Health is open in its new location. Last week we spent a stressful five days packing and moving and unpacking and putting away all our stuff. Today we could actually use phones and computers and let clients come in the doors.

The layout of my days is all different. And it will never go back to the way it was so I can't just hang in there waiting for 'normal' to return. Dangit.

One of my first calls of the day {and one more after that} was from a client who sounded horrible. She said she was really sick and I wasn't doubting it. Usually once a client says that, they start sharing details and I end up with more information than I ever wanted. This call was no different. Pretty soon she was describing just how sick she was. She was so sick that she had "vomited her teeth right down the toilet". Not sure I've ever been that sick. After the second call when she basically repeated the first call word for word, well, let's just say I had a visual that was more humorous than sympathetic.

Next was the reminder call to the guy who, only a few months ago, was running for president of the United States. Now he's working at getting his percentage of body fat down to 6% and being totally in shape. Okay, well that's not too weird. Yet. Then I got invited to watch him as a hip hop rap till you stop performer. Evidently 'they' loved him at his audition {I'm learning schizophrenics who aren't on their medications and are manic can really be quite entertaining} and so they want him to continue. And you know, he is a modern "man woman", too. What? Yup he loves to go to "Victoria's Secrets with his w-oo-man! You know what I mean?" Okay, well, thank you. We'll see you next week. Goodbye.

I guess you can change locations but not everything changes. And that's a good thing.