Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dinner Time!

While I was babysitting Jodi, Mariah, Brian and Reagan, we had a movie marathon, of sorts. Some of the movies we watched were Wreck it Ralph, Journey 2 and Rio. Part of the story line in all three of those movies emphasized the lack of family or someone to love or be loved by and the desire to have said family or someone to love or be loved by; being alone and not knowing anything about where they came from or what they could be.

Throughout the afternoon and evening on Saturday, I found myself thinking about various scenes from the movies and then looking around and sincerely appreciating what I saw. We have a strong family {thanks to our weaknesses}, there is love and support for everyone and appreciation for each person's and each family's unique set of circumstances.

I love my family!!!

Amber, Mandy & Jodi

Mariah & Sleeping Beauty 

Hunter {half his face}, Brian, Layne, Nathan, Krisy & Reagan 



Big part of the gang 

Grampa being convinced the ice cream is sugar free!

Paisley got her own bowl of homemade ice cream!!!

Adam, Nellie, Garrett

Our little Girls' Circle started when Gramma saw a pile of board puzzles upside down on the floor. I thought it was worse than it actually ended up being but moms sat down ready to tackle sorting and putting puzzles back together. Since it wasn't so bad, we all just had a little chit-chat session.

It was amazing how easy it was to be oblivious to the chaos around us!

Another little girl session

Aspen & Reagan

 And another one! Can you tell all the boys were outside running their energy out?? Last I heard from Brian is they were all going to go out and play 'Farmer'. Grampa has a broken fertilizer spreader that they will push around for hours. Sad to say, that's how we've lost a lot of our sand, though!

Jodi and Paisley

Someone had a rough night at scout camp. Obviously very tired as he was able to sleep in the noisy environment. Woke up plenty onery, though! Nothing a little food didn't fix - once he gave in!

  Sadly, I never made it outside to get pictures of the boys playing. Doggonit! I'm really slipping! 

Joe miscalculated his size compared with Mariah's jacket. The best part of the picture got cropped out, though! His belly poking out under the bottom of it was as hilarious as his gangly arms hanging out the sleeves!

Nathan is in training to become an EMT. His most recent assignment is to become proficient at checking a patient's vital signs. We all got to be guinea pigs for him. The numbers for those of us who got checked at the end of the day, were a bit higher than we were normally used to seeing. Go figure!!!

Uncle Nate & Garrett

I hope I'm not dead!!!!

Tyler looks a bit nervous

Thanks for the fun day guys!!!!

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