Sunday, March 3, 2013

Perfection Constantly Eludes Me

Making cheeseburger soup this afternoon and was engulfed, overwhelmed, bogged down (all fancy words for crushed) {I've been reading Fancy Nancy with Aspen} with the concept that I will never be or do or achieve perfection. How do those people make those cooking blogs and cooking shows and have every thing turn out exactly the way they intended - perfect? This thought comes as I'm picking the blade from the potato dicer out of the potato. I don't think it's supposed to work that way.

I suppose that's why they have commercial breaks. Give the awesome cook a chance to replace the little piece of paper towel holding her grated, bloody, skinned pinky together with an official bandaid.

Give her a chance to replace the burned and sauteed onions with beautiful translucently sauteed ones.

And you never get a floor shot. The chef is always standing behind the counter so you don't see how many carrots and celery bits she/he is smashing into the soles of his/her shoes or socks or just stick them to bare feet, soon to be tracked through the house while she/he finds a bandaid for the bloody finger.

I was in a cooking class at Utah State. The teacher was all sorts of professional as she put together a recipe, demonstrating various techniques. She's holding the teaspoon over the mixing bowl as she measures the salt. Salt gushes out the little spout and she lets out a screech. {shoulda been a commercial break} As she is trying to pick excess grains of salt out of the other ingredients in the bowl, she teaches us that you should never measure over your mixing bowl. Lesson learned. Not because she did it perfectly but because she made a mistake. Maybe that's why I relate to Papa Bear in the Berenstain Bear Family. He proudly teaches through his imperfection.

If the commercial breaks aren't sufficient then I suppose there's always a retake. I've visualized that board they use slamming down on me more than once. Sometimes it works as a do-over but most of the time the script has been reworked so as to build on my blooper. {I wonder if when my life passes before me it will be a spiritual experience with orchestra music playing as I slow-motion through everything or if it will be a collection of bloopers with an animated band accompanying the scenes? I guess if I die with a smile on my face, you'll know which it was}.

So, I guess I'm grateful for commercial breaks and retakes. Even though I seem to require far too many of both. I'm glad I can come back with the smeared mascara cleaned up, the bandaid changed and the yuck scraped off my shoes socks I mean bare feet.

And in the process of documenting my thoughts, my soup has finished. It's really yummy. And, who knows, maybe blackened parsley flakes will become a new cooking trend!!!

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