Sunday, March 3, 2013

Strength is Highly Misunderstood

By the way, this will be my arms when I

finish the six-week workout. Well, once I

start the six-week workout and then finish

it, this is what my arms will look like! STRONG!

I think anyway. There was a quote in our Ward Bulletin today that read:

"Strong families are not without problems. In fact, families become strong as they realize that problems are not to defeat us but rather they are to teach us as we learn and grow from them and endeavor to solve them."

I am thankful for my very strong family. Strong because of how we daily struggle and deal with and find solutions to the problems we face - individually and collectively.

Today, however, I'm struggling with the word 'strong'. Maybe it's because the quote seemed to intimate that strong was strong because it wasn't always strong. I made the mistake of googling "definition of strong". Wow. This is what I got:

All that I found only served to prove my impression. In fact, #7 specifically says NOT mild or weak. And all the antonyms are frail, fragile ones meaning you can't be strong and not-strong at the same time.

However, I am proposing that concept is wrong and we need a new mind set. {Who am I, you say, who proposes to change something set down by Daniel Webster and countless others eons of years ago? I'm nobody. But I'm still challenging it} Maybe we need several words for "STRONG" like other languages have for "LOVE". Some way to distinguish between 'strong as an ox' and 'strong as one who has walked down a long path'.

If someone defines or describes or compliments you by saying you are strong, there should be a way of noting that they are affirming you are strong because of your weaknesses, because of your soft spots, because of the problems you have had to overcome. They aren't saying you are strong because you have no feelings and are wooden and cemented in place; untouchable beneath the surface the world sees.  Sometimes we're strong enough to let the rain run off our backs because we're unstrong enough to cry in the shower.

I'm just saying...okay...rambling. Again

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