Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trying the Juicy Life

Meet the newest member of the family:

Juice Exractor Thing-a-Ma-Jig

Meet the new grocery shopping results:

Carrots, blood oranges, zucchini,cucumbers, broccoli, lemons, oranges, limes, turnip, apples and spinach!

For someone who grew up AND married liking only canned green beans, this is quite a daring adventure. I guess you could say the salads I've been eating the past few years have been a preparation of sorts. At the very least I've gotten more comfortable with an assortment of veggies. {Except for tomatillos and avocados and peas}

Meet the backup plan:

Just in case this whole experiment in healthy eating was a wash...and they were yummy! {not because it was a was but because they sounded too good to leave alone}

Meet a new fruit:

While wandering the produce section looking for familiar fruits and veggies I'd seen mentioned in recipes on the internet, I ran into some nasty looking oranges. I was appalled that they'd leave such gnarly looking product out for sell. Then I read the sign and immediately grabbed a couple. I've had yogurt that was flavored 'blood orange' but had no clue what one was. Well, now I know! They didn't seem as sweet as navel oranges but the color was certainly interesting!


Meet the ingredients of my first, homemade juice:



Meet the first of the final product:  


Meet the leftover skin and fiber: 



Meet the finished product:


I thought maybe it would look a little better in a fancy cup but it doesn't. It does really taste pretty good, though.

Meet the not so excited but every willing Guniea Pig: {No animals were harmed in this experiment, just quite possibly one LOML :-)




Well, I'm still converted. I guess this is one of those times LOML and I part ways. And hopefully I'll see some healthy results {not because we parted ways but because of my juice extractor thing-a-ma-jig}

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