Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Which Came First - the Egg or the Chick???

Well that's an age-old question that I believe Hunter and Aspen helped solve today!

We took a few eyes...


...and a few feathers...


...and a few eggs...


...and some glue and creativity...


...and some teamwork...


...and this is what we came up with:

Families of Chicks! 


They had more fun breaking some of the eggs {to make the bases} than I expected. They would have continued breaking the whole box if I hadn't have gotten them stopped! The glue was a little frustrating {which is partial explanation for some of the crooked eyes} so we had to break out the hot glue gun. Thank goodness Amber was here to sort through the eyes and find matching ones. Filling them with jelly beans was the reward for persevering and creating some cute chicks!

Amber's masterpiece

Hunter's Family

Aspen's Family

Mine & Amber's outsiders

So based on our little creative experiment here, I'd say the egg came first and then the chick!

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