Friday, April 12, 2013

A New Seamstress in the Family

Colton has asked about learning to sew the last time they were at my house. Too many people! Too much going on! Not enough time!

Well, so the boys came over for an afternoon/evening. It was my thought they were going fishing with Grampa. Some of them did but Colton came in the door and immediately asked about sewing. He wanted his first project to be a pillow case and picked out some camoflauge fabric for it. I opened up Mom's sewing machine and then I drew some lines on some square pieces of fabric I had. That way he could practice while I was getting the pillow case fabric ready.

Colton had an immediate little helper/

shadow while he was practicing as

Aspen felt the need to watch & learn, too.

Colton actually caught on really quickly. He kept his hands out of the way of the needle and kept the speed down on the foot pedal. Amber kept telling him he was sewing straighter than her 4-H girls last summer!



After doing the practice run, he decided it would make a cool pillow so I showed him how to sew it down a couple of sides, stuff it, and then sew it totally shut. By the time he was finished, he had three little pillows {one for him and for each of his brothers} and a very proud look on his face. I guess the pillow case will be for another time!

Colton showing off his finished pillows

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