Saturday, April 27, 2013

Grandma Goodsell Always Told Him He Should Be a Doctor!

Nate 'studying' on March 30th

I think I've failed to mention that Nathan is taking the EMT class. At the time he enrolled, he was hoping it would increase his chances for getting on the Tremonton City Fire Department/Ambulance crew.

Since I've taken so long to update my blog with various pictures, he has been hired on with Tremonton City and he has taken the practical part of his test. Next week is the written test. We all know he'll pass. Maybe he should try actually resting his head ON the book. Then maybe he'll do some osmosis learning!

He has been using the family as guinea pigs, checking our blood pressures and heart rates and such. We may not be so eager to volunteer if he takes the Advanced EMT class because then he'll be drawing blood and administering IVs. :-}

Some of the grandkids were willing participants at a recent family party. One gets a little hurt and all of a sudden they were all in need of some tender loving care!

Colton scraped off an old scab while playing
around in the backyard.

Nate getting out his supplies

Seriously going to fix him up

Didn't take Nate long to get an audience!

The finished product

And then more injuries started showing up:

Members of the Purple Bandage Brigade:

Reagan, Mariah, Brian, Garrett, Layne, Jodi

Jodi, Mariah, Colton, Layne, Garrett, Brian, Hunter & Reagan 

It's going to be so much fun to have a doctor in the family!

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