Saturday, April 27, 2013

Out-Fished by a 3-Year-Old

We went fishing with Joe, Mandy & kids Saturday morning. Grampa knows lots of pond-owners! Of course there's always the unexpected when you're dealing with Grampa and his plans. Like fences and horses and cows that, of course, weren't there when Grampa came fishing before!

Today, as is usually the case, the adults got skunked but three of the kids caught enough fish to feed us lunch!

Brian & Joe getting their poles ready



Reagan helping Grampa pick his stuff...or is it Grampa
helping Reagan??

Joe helping Brian get started

The first fish, reeled in by Mariah:

The second fish, thanks to Jodi:

Grampa baiting Reagan's hook:


Casting out:

Reagan reeling it in

What's this? Third fish, {and the biggest} thanks to Reagan: 

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