Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

I can't help but wonder if they've decided who's making the mug run! And if I listen really closely, in that state of mind that takes some concentration to get to, I can hear them laughing! How fitting such good friends in life should be so close together for eternity!

Spent a lot of evenings helping Mom maintain Daddy's headstone while I was growing up. I usually got the job of pulling out the little side pots and cleaning them out for new flowers. Earwigs, potato bugs and spiders were living in there for the most part. Lots of memories, though, and probably the main place I learned about heaven.

Went to Springville first and then on to Holden and Flowell and then back to Springville. We enjoyed the slow, peaceful weekend.

Alan's Grandma & Grampa Harmon

Alan's Great Grandpa & Grandma Harmon

Alan's Mom and Dad

It's nice to have a holiday where we remember those who have passed before us, honoring them by remembering tender, sweet times.

Betty & Allen cracked me up, though. When we were in Springville, we also found Allen's mother's grave and he put some flowers on it. Kind of sad to see her there all alone. But they've decided, since their plots are right behind hers, they'll just use the back of her headstone. It's already got the family name on it for them, so why not? I tried to tell them they'd be facing the wrong direction but they're convinced that doesn't matter but I argued it would when they come out and they're looking at the backs of everyone's heads. Their second argument was that, when they do rise from the grave, it will be easier to push the headstone off their feet than off their chest or head. I thought it was pretty hilarious, anyway.

I did come away from this Memorial Day knowing that I don't want a headstone - I want a bench over my grave. I don't want anyone kneeling down to talk to me. I want you to sit and visit and imagine that  I'm sitting right by your side, possibly touching your hand or putting my arm around your shoulder.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



So proud of you, Nate!

Does this mean he and Joe are competitors???