Monday, June 24, 2013

Choose Life

If I am ever laying in a hospital bed, with more stuff outside my body running the things inside my body, only come and see me if you can tell me jokes and reminisce of fun memories. If my grandkids can't come, bring recordings of them talking and laughing and playing and put them on my mp3 player {with Celtic Thunder and my other favorite assortment of music. My favorite playlist is now labeled "Bring Me Out of a Coma".} Put those earplugs in my ears when I'm left alone so I'll be tricked into thinking I'm not alone. With all of that going on, I know in my heart and every fiber of my being that I will choose to live. I know there is a spark so deep and so protected in me that will flare up inside so hot and motivating that, no matter how hard the work, I will choose to live.

That's how those little scenarios always play out in my head anyway.

And there's another part of me that thinks, "Who wouldn't choose to live?"

And then I see people at work. And I cry.

There are grandmas choosing drugs and smoking spice over reading to their grandchildren, listening to their prayers and tucking them in. Mothers are choosing harmful habits while their pregnant profile is haughtily shown off. Maybe they don't have any happy noise playing in their lives. It seems there are little moments during the day to choose life that are more important than the coma moments.

I hope I will choose life in those little moments, too.

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