Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Being in the Right Place

Sitting in my new birthday camp chair in one of my most favorite, beautifully created spots in the mountains, enjoying the peace and quiet and all the butterflies and the how all the different kinds of trees grow together into a plush foresty area...and my cellphone notifies me I have a text message!

What a way to interrupt an oncoming inspiring thought! I lost cellphone service at least a mile down - if not farther. I keep my cellphone with me because I have no watch and, also, because the camera comes in handy sometimes.

So, it was good timing that I did get the text. It was Amber letting us know they were coming for dinner and there just might not have been enough food if I hadn't gotten that message at that particular time. And that was just in the afternoon of Day 1 of the camping trip.

Needless to say, I kept my cellphone with me even more religiously Day 2 through Day 5 - because , who knows, I might get another important text message. But only if I'm in exactly the right spot at the right time and listening for the sound of my phone's notification. If anyone had been watching me, they'd have guessed I had a nervous tic or an uncontrollable muscle spasm, the way I would check my phone. Looking for messages. Searching for places where everything lined up so the signal could get through.

So why am I not more concerned about finding those perfect spots so I can get the messages my Heavenly Father has for me? They're just as welcomed and unexpected and merciful and timely and perfect and even more personalized and meaningful. The messages from my loving Heavenly Father will help me be prepared in more ways than just putting more food on the grill.

 In the mountains, I had to find the rare spots where the random messages would get through. In life, the spots are not so rare. The messages are not so sporadic.

I guess that's another goal I need to work on. Standing in the right place. Listening with a grateful heart. Being ready to go forward with sure feet and willing eyes.

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