Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Third Little Boy

A couple of years ago, Brian brought his two-wheeler to camp. He'd just barely had his dad take off his training wheels and was working hard at learning how to balance and ride his bike with a minimum of tipping over. Later that camp, Scott, Amber and their kids came. Hunter brought his bike that still sported training wheels. When he saw what Brian was doing, Hunter got with his dad and they took off his training wheels. He took right off. Well, sort of. My memory is him zooming down a little hill and hitting a tree and falling off but then getting up laughing his head off. He got right back on his bike and rode it without training wheels from that point on.


I wasn't in on the original idea at this camp, but fortunately I looked over just at the right time to see Adam helping Garrett ride his newly converted two-wheeler. After snapping a few pictures and watching for a minute or two, I realized Nellie wasn't out here documenting this momentous occasion. I yelled at her in their trailer and asked if she knew her baby was out here riding a two-wheeler. There was a scream, an audible "NO!" and scrambling as she found her camera and headed out the door.


So now, camp seems to be a great place to learn to ride a two-wheeler.


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