Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stripling Warriors Armored Up

Since our Labor Day Camp spanned over Sunday, it's kind of become a tradition to have a Family Home Evening Meeting so we are reminded - if only for a moment - that it is Sunday. 

Joe and Mandy had a good experience with the Armor of God with their family so they were assigned the teaching at the meeting. Mandy and I got all the visual effects and "Armor" ready.

Everyone waiting quietly for the meeting to start. Kind of
surprising just how quiet they were, actually!

There was a cool bridge up the hiking trail a little ways and I wanted to get a picture with all the grandkids sitting on it so a few of us took them on the short hike up to the bridge. They were supposed to come back into camp with their 'reverent' voices and be ready to start. I think they did really good!

Look at those good examples!! Wow!

Helmets of Salvation

Grampa conducting the meeting

The adult row

Krisy leading the music - The Army of Helaman

Nate led a good discussion with the kids about the firefighting gear he puts on before he goes out to fight a fire. The kids were pretty smart, knowing what he needed and why he needed to wear it. All of it was to protect him and vital parts of his body.

Nate giving a description of what he wears as a

Paisley joined her dad in teaching safety.

Joe telling the story out of the scriptures and
explaining what the Armor of God was and why
it is so important in protecting us

Mandy getting the warriors all pumped up as she explained what
all the parts of the armor were for and how they could use them
to protect themselves

Trying to get them all lined up so we could get a picture of them all while they had their armor on and before they left for battle. That was almost a losing battle!

A mom getting her little warrior ready for battle

I think I specifically told them to quit taking pictures until my behind
was out of the way. Obviously someone wasn't listening!

My 12 Stripling Warriors - there wasn't a picture where someone
didn't have some piece of armor in front of their face - theirs or
someone else's

And then 'someone' yelled, "1, 2, 3, Battle!" and any semblance of a Sunday was over! Luckily we did have the closing prayer first! I think...

Scott getting pummeled while trying to start the fire. Something tells
me he thought he would escape the battle

Amber didn't escape either. But at least she tried
to steal some armor and weapons and protect
herself and fight back!

There was a lot of distractions, being in the mountains and will all the cousins together and all, but I think a landmark was planted. I can't help but think that at some point down the road, at least one of those kids will remember that time up in the mountain when they learned about how God's Armor could protect them. They will remember and they will look it up and they will correct whatever isn't going right with their lives at the time. I have to believe things like that. 

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