Friday, October 18, 2013

If You Can't Stand the Heat....

...Yeah, well, I learned the hard way. Worst part is, I was still cold! Nathan used to dance through the coals of the fires to prove to everyone it wouldn't hurt his feet. He must have been faster than me because I don't remember his shoes melting this bad!

And, once again, thank goodness for duct tape! Because there were still rocks to climb and lizards to chase!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just a Bit of Door Therapy

I haven't rambled for quite some time and so I'm feeling a rambling coming on! Reminds me of Crocodile Dundee feeling a walkabout coming on. I guess my rambling is just me going on a walkabout in my brain. Scary place to be, even for me, who owns it.

I'm finishing day 2 of a three day vacation. LOML is at IFA University. Since my work doesn't send me anywhere and Betty moved to Utah, this is the only way I get my vacations.

This time I even went so far as to spice up my little vacation by taking today off as a mental health day hoping to get a little something checked off my list that stretches from now to Christmas. Notice I didn't say Christmas of which year.

I still have to perform my rituals when I'm on one of these LOML-induced vacations. You know, blinds all shut, windows locked, doors at least double locked {if not triple locked} and chairs under all the doorknobs. While performing the rituals on the first night, I started thinking about all I wished I could realistically lock out of not only my home, but my life. Realistically, the locks will have to do. Spiritually and emotionally, I don't think the world makes locks or security systems that the adversary can't penetrate. I'm grateful I have the Gospel and it's principles that help me lock out all that other stuff that brings me down from the spirit and the heart. Need to learn that Gospel Security System better so I am as confident that those doors are locked up as I am the ones I'm sliding chairs up against.

I question my decisions, too, as far as what I'm locking out and what I'm locking in. The only difference is which side of the door I'm on. That's a multi-faceted concept, huh? Because of that, though, I go through the house, turning on all the lights, looking in all the closets and underneath all the beds before locking the fort up for the night. For now, I'm in. And I want everything else out.

Inside my house, I hate being behind shut doors. More specifically, I hate coming out after having been behind shut doors. Seriously, what may have happened "out there" while I've been "in here"?Or what {or who} is going to be waiting on the other side? Maybe I've been so absorbed in my little world on one side of the door that I haven't heard chaos ripping apart my life on the other side. So now I'm a little anxious because I know that if, when I open the door of this room to go out, and someone is on the other side, it won't be LOML trying to scare me or just being there doing his own thing. Every door I open for the rest of the night is done ever so quietly, ever so slowly as my imagination revs its high-powered engines. Crazy, I know, but it happens quite often in this brain of mine and then it's difficult to shut down {maybe my brain needs a better door to shut this type of stuff out}!

Between all the cupboard doors and the storage room door, trying to find something to snack on, I lost count of how many doors had slammed. The light in the fridge came open more times than the night light. Producing no satisfaction. By the time I was done in the storage room, however, I'd discarded at least three boxes of stale crackers, some old oatmeal and a couple of gritty granola bars. There's some stuff that still remains questionable so eat from the storage room at your own risk. The philosophy always is, if you're hungry enough...right?

I'm not sure if this was therapeutic or not. There was some motivation behind it and it's obvious I have my own personal relationship with doors. Not sure if that's very therapeutic, either! Still, the first outside door I unlock in the morning is the one I always use so if you know me well enough to know which door that is, enter at your own risk!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I went through a rough patch a bit ago trying to
understand why people (specifically clients, in this case) were making the
choices they were. Their lives contained so much to live for and so many tender
mercies dangling in front of them like carrots, urging them to put one foot in
front of the other. At least that was my view of their life
standing with my nose
smashed against their window, hands cupped around my eyes, fooling myself into
thinking I was viewing the whole picture. Obviously I wasn
t and it bothered me.
Then, I got an image in my head (I
m totally a visual
learner) and it helped me kind of grasp what was going on.


Something from the outside (we all have our own
idea of what the
outside is) had interrupted them
while they were reading their Book and they hadn
t used a Bookmark when
d set the Book aside! So simple in my little


And I got to thinking. No one has enough Bookmarks!
In fact, I
ve since decided you cant have too many Bookmarks.
Those small inconsequential bits of paper reminding us of our place in the
Book. They are in that awesome group of
Markers; often taken for granted
but vitally essential. Some of these Markers are Landmarks, Postmarks and
Bookmarks. Landmarks help you figure out where you are (so you can either find
that place again or NOT find it again, depending). Postmarks validate where you
ve been and identify the
direction you are headed. But Bookmarks. Well, Bookmarks are kind of a
combination of all three. By showing you where you are, they remind you where
been, how far you
ve come and serve as a jumping off point for where
you should now be going.

Holding our Book in our hands, its all too easy to look at
all the pages combined and feel inadequate, realizing we
re closer to the front
cover than the back cover. Or maybe I
m a slow reader,
scrutinizing over words that come easy for you, slowing my progress and
therefore paling in comparison to you. Or perhaps the plot thickens
unexpectedly and the act of reading becomes burdensome as we try and absorb all
that is happening. Does your book have words between the lines
real or imaginary causing such discouragement
that the Book is set aside for a time? When you pick it up again, though, isn
t it a pleasant surprise
to have that half of a chocolate bar wrapper sticking out ever so timidly,
gently reminding you of how far you made it before setting it down?

Wow! I dont have to start clear back
at the prologue! And the story comes back quickly once it
s picked up again!


I never realized just how important that little
marker is
or how unique, or unusual
it is that I am lucky enough to have a Bookmark (several even). Whatever my Bookmark
happens to be at this moment
a sincere smile, a pat on the back, a belief system,
grandchildren laughing, a friend
s phone call, a blooming
flower, a butterfly
I express gratitude that
I am blessed with Bookmarks.


And since realizing this, I have tried to give out
more Bookmarks to others. Hoping that maybe it can serve as a starting up point
to replace feelings of being overwhelmed or helpless at the thoughts of
possibly having to start over.

And in sharing with you my (perhaps oversimplified)
definitely uneducated observation of life, I also share with you a Bookmark.
May you put it to good use.