Sunday, November 3, 2013

Case of Mysterious Missionary

Brian has been asking for a suit for quite awhile now, I guess. Joe and Mandy finally found him one. We happened to be at their house the first Sunday he wore it. I think it grew him up several years! You could tell he felt good about himself and how he looked just by how he held himself and how he walked around. It was all I could do to get him to smile for at least one of the pictures!

He will be an awesomely handsome missionary, won't he?

On the way home from church he was asking if he could stay in his suit all day. So reminded me of his dad! Joe loved to be dressed up. He could stay in his Sunday clothes all week. {He actually tried staying in his Sunday socks for a week but only made it to Wednesday when I happened to sit on the floor by his feet. That was as long as he made it!}. Brian was told he needed to change his clothes, though.


Since he so kindly shares his room with us when we visit, this is what I found when I went into his room to change my clothes:

Except for the fact the pants were backwards if you looked really close, I thought for a moment he'd simply crawled right out of his suit. Our little missionary melted away like the green witch on The Wizard of Oz!

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