Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baptism/Fire Drill

We're now halfway through our baptisms! Colton is #6! And what a great day it was for a baptism! Lots of support from his extensive family and some close friends.


Dressed up in Uncle Nate's fire gear

representing how he is prepared to

go out in life and fight his battles now

that he has the Holy Ghost. Colton was

also told that it was possible to make his

protective gear clean again, too, if he

made a mistake once in awhile.

Colton following Jesus' example to be baptized

Garrett, Colton and Carter

Gramma and Grampa and Colton

Colton with his dad waiting to be baptized

Colton with his whole family

Some snapshots of supportive family enjoying the day

Adam, Nellie and the boys worked especially hard to get to this day of baptism and confirmation. The adversary was working against them but they fought back and WON!

Congratulations to Colton on his choice to be baptized! Lots of little eyes watching and following his example just like he's followed the examples of those before him!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Falling to Pieces...or From Pieces...or an InVESTment in Finding Peace

I think enough time has passed that I can maybe look at this experience objectively. Or at least write about it with having my eyes get all blurry from the tears. Hopefully it stays with me as the strong learning experience I need it to be and it doesn't turn into that awesome labor and delivery experience that you forget all the details about and are ready to do it again almost as naively as the first time.

This is what six (6) sports vests looked like the day before Christmas. They weren't supposed to look like this. They should have been folded up, stuffed in empty cereal boxes, wrapped in red and green Christmas paper and placed under the Christmas tree with the other presents.

Hence the meltdown. And it was an ugly one. Not that there is such a thing as a pretty meltdown.

I have a quote on my laptop that I really like. It says, "Arrange whatever pieces come your way." I love it. It doesn't say your puzzle will be perfect or beautiful or that you'll even have all the pieces you need all at once. It says figure out where the pieces go that you have in your hand right now - even if you don't totally understand how they are all going to fit together or what the finished picture will be.

Fortunately {or not so fortunately} I knew what these pieces were supposed to become if put together correctly. That could have been part of the discouragement. Mine did not look like the picture said they should look. Well, duh! I was comparing myself at my worst moment to the pattern cover's perfect picture of how it should look. Hence the bruising I gave myself.

But, in the days following, as I proceeded to arrange the pieces that were in front of me, I found myself being ever so grateful for the knowledge I have of a loving Heavenly Father who knows what pieces I have. He knows how to best support me as I struggle with arranging those pieces. He has spoke to me quietly at the base of my neck. He has placed people in my path who have shown me new ways to arrange my pieces. Obviously they have had to figure out their pieces and are, gratefully, sharing the knowledge they gained with me. And then, of course, there are always the written instructions - words that were written hundreds of years ago but they were written for my puzzling pieces.

And so my attack on those daunting pieces continued with the guide sheet in plain and perfect view at all times. I should do the same with my scriptures as I sort and re-sort and arrange and re-arrange and marvel at the pieces I am thrown on a daily basis.

And then, ta-da! The pieces are finally arranged in pretty much the way they were supposed to be. Thank goodness there's a little room for imagination and creativity!

And the smiles when the six boys got the finished product brought to me a satisfying peace!

Carter, Colton, Garrett


Tyler and Layne

So, I guess I was taught multiple lessons. The pieces do fit together if approached one or two pieces at a time. I may not have an exact picture of what my finished product will look like but I do have instructions and a general idea given to me. And, last but not least, sometimes my life needs to fall to pieces in order for me to remember my Source of Peace.