Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baptism/Fire Drill

We're now halfway through our baptisms! Colton is #6! And what a great day it was for a baptism! Lots of support from his extensive family and some close friends.


Dressed up in Uncle Nate's fire gear

representing how he is prepared to

go out in life and fight his battles now

that he has the Holy Ghost. Colton was

also told that it was possible to make his

protective gear clean again, too, if he

made a mistake once in awhile.

Colton following Jesus' example to be baptized

Garrett, Colton and Carter

Gramma and Grampa and Colton

Colton with his dad waiting to be baptized

Colton with his whole family

Some snapshots of supportive family enjoying the day

Adam, Nellie and the boys worked especially hard to get to this day of baptism and confirmation. The adversary was working against them but they fought back and WON!

Congratulations to Colton on his choice to be baptized! Lots of little eyes watching and following his example just like he's followed the examples of those before him!

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