Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The E's

I think I'm so clever. At least once a year, that is. Yeah, the annual changing of the passwords at work. And, yeah, that's plural. I have to come up with two new ones every years that meet their criteria.

My first clever idea was to have my password be something motivational. spurring me on to greatness every time I typed it in. Instead of using a word or two, though, my second clever idea was to just use the first letter of each word in the phrase. I've created quite the monstrosities with that second clever idea.

So one of my passwords this year is 1eeteol. Of course, since you have to include at least one number in it, the '1' stands for the letter 'I'. I need to find the original phrase because I can't remember what the third 'e' stands for. Which means as I'm typing it in, my head's voice is saying, "I eagerly embrace the E's of life". What the original 'e' of life was is what I can't remember. Through the course of the year, it's been experiences, efforts, exhilarations, excitement, elements, encounters, events, emotions and probably others but I don't remember them either.

Today when I was typing it in I had a different image in my head. Instead of seeing a group of 'eeeee's, I saw the word 'ease'. Wow, that's hilarious.

Do I eagerly embrace the ease of life? Maybe. Sometimes. It's relieving after a long stretch of dis-ease. I wonder, though, if I embrace the 'ease' of life so much that I don't push myself to be better or do more. Is 'ease' a graven image I worship?

I don't want to say I seek out the moments of dis-ease but I definitely do more growing and learning and progressing during those periods of life. Like the potter's refining fire or the welder's shaping flame producing amazing finished products but not because they let the clay or the metal just sit there doing nothing.

So while, 1eeteol, I guess 1weetdeol2!

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