Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bad Parenting...I Don't Think So!

So this top picture was floating around the office for a day or two as a joke. It had the title, "Bad Parenting" scrawled across the top. It was supposed to be funny. On some level, yes, I let out a snicker but when I got to the third frame and saw how the Mama Duck was looking down the grate and wondering how her babies had gotten down there, it wasn't funny anymore.

I related to her. It made me tear up and that was more than a little embarrassing. Especially at work. As the days wore on, though and more people saw it, the majority empathized with the Mama Duck and didn't really find it funny, either.

How many times as a mother I have felt I walked the straight walk or said the right words only to look behind me and see no one following me. Hadn't they watched me? {Obviously there have been more times than I care to count that I was glad to see no one had followed me!} 

Mama Duck looks so helpless. She knows her babies are in a dangerous situation and she can't get to them. She can't undo their choices {purposeful or accidental} or change their consequences. She can only speak in Duck Talk and encourage them.

And she can pray. Oh, my, how I understand she can pray. What Mother doesn't understand the concept of prayer?

The picture laid on the counter for days. It bothered me more and more. Finally I had to google it and see what I could find.

That's when I found..."the rest of the story". {I used to love Paul Harvey and his 'rest of the story' stories!}

So glad to find out that Mama Duck's prayers did not go unanswered. Help arrived. So thankful someone was paying attention and was where they needed to be that day so they could be the answer to Mama Duck's prayers.

It was also a testimony to me that, as great of a parent as you want to be {or think you are} there will always come a time when you can't reach your babies. You need help from another source.

And that's why we Mothers pray. We pray for that right person who will say the right thing at the right time to your babies and they will hear and understand. A light will go on in their minds and it will shine on a landmark memory imprinted in their brain by a loving Mother who may or may not have understood what a life-changer that landmark would end up being.

And the age-old adage that it takes a whole village to raise a child is perfectly portrayed here, too.

Mama Duck's prayers were answered by someone who had the resources she didn't have in order to rescue her babies.

Not to say they won't fall through another grate on another day. But that's another prayer for another day.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Faith to Jump From Trees

Watched the 1st movie of "The Hobbit" last night. I love those books by J. R. R. Tolkein even though I'm sure I don't catch all the symbolism. Towards the end of this movie, there is a point where they (all the good dwarves, the Wizard and Bilbo Boggins, the Hobbit) have had to escape the bad guys by climbing to the tops of some very tall trees.

Eventually with all that weight and the bad guys pushing on the trees, they begin to become uprooted. Once uprooted the trees topple against each other like dominoes. All the people in the trees jump from one to another to avoid being thrown to the ground.

While all this is happening, the Wizard has sent a butterfly off With a message for help.

Everyone is hanging from the last tree and are eventually forced to jump or be captured or burned. As they jump, large eagles appear and catch them, flying them to safety.

I had to ask myself : Do I have the knowledge that my Heavenly Father will always provide my needs for me? He provides my next breath without me thinking about it. Could I leap into space with that same assumption?

Previously I mentioned having two feet of faith. Is that enough to leap from falling trees?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Diaper Service


So, everyone is always ranting and raving about how awesome {and cheap} it is to 'subscribe' to merchandise on Amazon.com. By subscribing, they automatically send it to you at whatever time interval you choose. Not to be left out, I decided to try it out.

With toilet paper.

I already think going to the bathroom is the biggest waste of time so you can just imagine what I think about having to go to the store to buy toilet paper.

I subscribe to my toilet paper. And I wait for the upcoming shipment date and arrival date. Instead of getting my toilet paper, I get the typical small card in the mailbox saying there is a box for me at the post office. Please come and pick it up. I was pretty sure what it was and that kinda irritated me {more than scratchy toilet paper}.

The whole purpose of subscribing to the toilet paper {I wonder if anyone has ever named a publication that...yeah...probably not}, was to avoid the whole going to the store thing. Now I have to go to the post office. Difference?

Anywho, I forget about it for a day or two. After all, I go to work before the post office opens and I am heading home after it's closed so it pretty much has to wait for Friday or Saturday anyway. In the meantime, Krisy and Nellie and Amber bring their kids and come over to play and have lunch.

We're all calmly eating our lunch when in walks LOML/Grampa. The first words out of his mouth are, "So, did you order some diapers or something?" His seriousness was enough to crack us all up but overall, I was stunned speechless. He went on to explain that IFA's postman had told him that his wife had a case of diapers waiting for her at the post office. Really? Breech of confidentiality, I think! HIPPA violation to the nth degree! I compose myself and reply,

"Gosh dangit! I had come up with the best plan to break the news to you that you were going to be a dad again and the darn postman has gone and spoiled it!"

We all crack up again. I can't breath, it's one of those laughs. Nellie, Amber and Krisy are all crying. The grandkids are laughing even though they really don't know what's going on. And LOML/Grampa? He's just standing there not understanding but sort of chuckling.

I thought it was hilarious enough to share. I'm thinking about whether or not to continue my subscription to toilet paper. Maybe I should add some Depends onto my order?

Not seeing anywhere on here where it says "Diapers" so I've got to wonder

about IFA's postman just a little bit. And LOML for really having to ask me!